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Updated on 15 August 2023

Booty Heroes

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Booty Heroes – Everything that a sex RPG should be

Games that revolve around nudity and sexual content have always had a bad rep in the gaming industry. In the earlier days of the internet and gaming in general they were usually short games with horrible graphics. This was mainly because developers worked alone and didn’t have access to the resources that AAA games have. Nowadays things are much more different, which can be seen by the wide array of pornographic games that are constantly being released. One of which is Booty Heroes, the idle RPG that has an amazing story and phenomenal hentai art.

Instead of focusing entirely on the sexual elements, the team behind Booty Heroes has put a lot of effort into the story. This decision has paid off big time as the game has one of the best storylines in the scene. Although roleplaying games aren’t the easiest genre to get into, especially for complete newbies, the tutorial and tips throughout the adventure are extremely intuitive. This makes it easy for everyone to get into Booty Heroes and explore the naughty adventure and enjoy the hentai rewards. In this review, we’ll look into all of the content to truly understand why this game’s adored by many.

Intriguing story with lots of nudity

Booty Heroes starts off with a bang, literally. As soon as the players enter they’re put in a scenario where the main character is done having a foursome with two hot babes. After exhaustingly going to the computer he’s instantly transported into a magical world that’s inhabited by stunning girls, but not all of them fight for good. As it turns out, the goddess Amura vanished and left her people to fend off enemies on their own. You are appointed as the Chosen One, so your mission is to assemble a team of strong yet naughty chicks and help them mow down magical enemies that are trying to take over the world.

The land of Booty Heroes is called the One World, but within them, there are different realms such World of the Abyss, the Eastern Lands, the Great Empire, the Realms of Darkness, the Cursed Wastes, and the Clockwork Kingdom. To keep the player engaged with the fantasy world, each area has a different set of unique foes and land. Throughout the adventure, you’ll meet powerful opponents as well as lustful hotties that are ready to fight by your side. Each of them has a unique backstory and hentai art that’s received as a reward, but first, you must be victorious to see their wonderful nude bodies.

It’s easy to get immersed in the simple story that’s given in the beginning, but things get quite complicated with the more magical characters you meet. Luckily, Booty Heroes focuses a lot on the dialogue, which is written extremely well considering it’s a sex game. Whenever the story progresses it almost turns into a visual novel where the players can read the chat but also look at the beautiful girls that are chatting. Implementing all of the details is hard for any game, let alone a hentai RPG, but Booty Heroes has done the impossible and created a world that every adult can jump into and be immersed.

Entertaining and strategic gameplay mechanics

Idler games aren’t known for having interactive gameplay, but Booty Heroes differs as there are a ton of ways to play the game. Despite not being able to interact during the combat sequences, you can play around and position your characters before it begins. Most of the game you’ll be spending in other areas of the world where you’ll be upgrading, evolving, and equipping the best armor on your characters. To do so you’ll need XP, spirit, essence, and gold. The player can either achieve those by playing through the combat or simply collecting daily rewards and the gold that’s collected while your heroines idly battle.

The gameplay is closely tied to the story since each level you finish you’ll unravel the mystery of what happened in the fantasy world. With each successful battle, you’ll receive loads of items that you can use on upgrading your team or unlocking more characters. The addition of classes and elements makes it so that players have to strategize before combat. The 5 classes and 6 elements work in tandem, so it’s important to look at what team comp your opponent has and assemble your squad accordingly. This is where strategizing comes into play and players have to think hard about who to put on their team.

Fluid combat with unique abilities

Within the Millennial Forrest and the first few fights, players don’t even have to worry about combat at all as it’s almost impossible to lose. Once the enemies start getting tougher, the real combat begins. Booty Heroes functions the same way other turn-based games do, the ravishing girls you place on the board have one attack during their turn and so do your enemy. Because you can’t choose who to attack, positioning is key to success and the player has to figure out where to put his strongest team member. Thankfully there’s no penalty for losing, so users can freely experiment and find fun team comps to play.

Abilities are what’s most important during combat and every girl has her own set of attacks and special ability. Some deal burst damage or AOE whereas others heal your allies and the energy for them is charged by dealing damage or being attacked. This is why upgrading and increasing your character’s stats is important, as oftentimes they don’t even get the chance to attack because they’re defeated too quickly. Later on in the game combat can last quite long, but on the top-right section of the screen, the developers have added a speed-up button that comes in handy when the combat starts slowing down.

A stunning world to explore

Exploration and a vast world are crucial to make a roleplaying game immersive and fun, and thankfully Booty Heroes doesn’t just have a campaign mode. Within the main menu, players can also choose the journey mode where they’re tasked to battle in a similar fashion as the story and receive new rewards and sexual content as well. Aside from receiving items, each player also has a score that’s shown on the leaderboard, so it’s not uncommon to see people grinding the mode to get to the top. If you manage to be in the top 6 players you’ll be compensated in the form of special items that help you progress easier.

The waterfall is a game mode in which the player battles against random squads for random rewards. Playing here requires energy, which is gained every 2 hours up to 5 energy points. The bigger the win streak you have the more rewards you gain, so this is another section of the game that requires strategizing. All of the damage done to the opponents while playing is collected and the more you own the higher rank you are. Getting to this stage of the game requires time, as it’s only unlocked after defeating level 10 in the third realm called Mountain Peaks, which is no easy task.

Aside from those two, there is also the Temple, Fuckula Castle, and Oblivion, but none of those are played as much as the Arena. After completing the 25th battle in Mountain Peaks you’re able to enter the Arena and battle against other player’s squads. Here you’ll learn what team comps other people are using and discover brand-new class/element combinations that you might have missed out on. Overall the campaign is what every player focuses on, as it’s the only way to unlock all of the extra content that Booty Heroes has in store.

Speeding up the game with microtransactions

Although Booty Heroes is free to play and can be beaten without any purchases, there are countless benefits of using the in-game store. As previously mentioned, upgrading and summoning new heroines is essential to beating the campaign, but acquiring resources isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s where the microtransactions come into play and allow players to spend real-life money for in-game currency, characters, and bundles. Oftentimes the game has flash sales that end quickly, but in general, the prices range from $0.99 all the way to $99.99.

Completing daily quests and achievements is the best way to gain large amounts of currency without paying, but that’s not always enough to create a great team of fierce babes. Instead of grinding the game, most players opt in to spend a little bit of cash and improve their team to find out what new plots the story will have. This is especially true for the Waterfall section that requires energy to play, so rather than wait 2 hours to play one game people simply buy the energy points. Some people are only in it for the hentai art, so it’s not uncommon to see people purchase the biggest bundles to get all of the rewards that the campaign has to offer within hours of playing. 

Overall graphics, animations and sound

Roleplaying games that struggle with immersion are doomed to fail but thankfully Booty Heroes has a phenomenal fantasy world that’s drawn by talented individuals. Everything’s drawn in the classic hentai style, which easily immerses the player in the lewd action. Each girl has her own style, pose, attack, and ability animation, so they’re all easy to recognize in a split second. Although there might not be as much sexual content as a dating sim that’s focused on sex, there are loads of hentai pictures and the girls themselves strip whenever they’re evolved to the next stage.

Hentai is only one part of the graphics, as there is much more to the game than just raunchy pornographic images. Every zone has a unique look to it, which makes going to different zones feel like a completely new world sometimes. The beginning battles that happen in the Millennial Forrest are done so on land that’s covered in greenery and beautiful trees. Later on the player ventures through more difficult terrain such as volcanos, swamps, mines, oceans, and much more. Everything is tied to the amazing storyline, so each zone has a reason as to why it looks a specific way.

Although many don’t focus on sound design, when it’s done as well as it is in Booty Heroes it changes the game completely. The background music fits the theme of a magical world that’s under attack perfectly, but the combat is where you’ll hear most of the sounds. Each attack looks smooth and fluid, whether it’s a regular one or a special ability, but they also have unique sounds. As with most magical RPG games, the weapons the girls use are either swords or magical powers which all have somewhat similar sounds.

In conclusion

What makes Booty Heroes stand out from the rest in the idle RPG genre isn’t the juicy hentai art, but the sheer amount of content that players can interact with. Out of every hentai RPG, this one has the most replayability thanks to the different game modes that have leaderboards. Players can play for hours on and end and never get bored as there’s always a new team comp that can be used to garner more points than the rest and take the number one spot. 

If you’re a newbie to RPG idlers, Booty Heroes is a perfect game to get started with as there are plenty of tips and the game is intuitive in general. Veterans are probably more interested in being the best, so they’ll be spending most of their time in the Arena once they’re done with the campaign. Whether you’re looking for a lustful hentai game or an RPG that you’ll play endlessly, Booty Heroes is a great choice. Start off your adventure and start collecting daily rewards today to get a headstart and form a team full of erotic babes that’ll defeat anyone that’s in their way.

Thebesthentai Likes Booty Heroes:

  • Hot Sexy Art
  • Thoughtful plot
  • Addictive gameplay

Thebesthentai Hates Booty Heroes:

  • It's a bit of a tricky start

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